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A simple, hassle-free option for Adelaide employers to find employees WITHOUT fuss or huge fees.

"I had many replies to the vacant positions I advertised.

I found the website easy to use.
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• Advertising work on Adelaide Exchange is fast!

No complicated employer registration process, no time-consuming, unnecessary rigmarole and nothing to lose but paying high advertising rates elsewhere!

• Follow the prompts to advertise the job you need to fill including job title, remuneration, job description, days, hours, relevant qualifications, experienced required, etc

• A better job description will attract more suitable potential employees you can expect to respond

• Specify how you want potential employees to apply for the job – call you? Email you? Send a resume? etc

• Employers an also peruse work wanted ads and directly contact job seekers who sound suitable at no charge

• Use an image to draw attention to your employment ad ie business logo, workplace, etc

• Importantly, only actual job vacancies will be published on Adelaide Exchange, NOT business opportunities
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