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Find work! Free job seeker ads - Full-time Adelaide Jobs

Adelaide Exchange work wanted ads are quick, simple and free for jobseekers looking for full time work in Adelaide to proactively find work.

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• View job ads and if you find a job ad of interest on Adelaide Exchange site be sure that when getting in touch take car to give them your name, contact no and some brief info so the potential employer will know if you might be suitable and also that you are serious about the enquiry. Be polite. Check spelling. Be positive. IMPRESS.

• Secondly, you may place a work wanted ad. Click SUBMIT and you are then just ONE click away

• Follow the simple prompts to tell potential employers the basics at this initial stage such as your age, sex, relevant work experience, educational qualifications

• If you have a resume you can ask potential employers to contact you for the full resume whilst retaining your privacy

• Employers looking on Adelaide Exchange will choose whom they respond to based on what you include in your ad and response. Be careful with your spelling and grammar. Create a good first impression with a potential employer

• Take advantage of the free image upload. Potential employers can SEE you and an image will draw attention to your work wanted ad

• Adelaide Exchange strongly recommend you do not include your email in the ad copy as people can safely email you through your work wanted advert anyway and it will discourage those randomly promoting catalogue, party sales and other self employment opportunities
"I had many replies to the vacant positions I advertised.

I found the website easy to use.
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